Dark circles only look cute on pandas – fact.  Your panda eyes can be covered easily with concealer providing you know what colour/texture to go for.  If you are currently using a light reflecting pen then please don’t….all you are doing is advertising to the world ‘I Have Dark Circles I’m Trying To Conceal!’  Instead choose a cream concealer – either in a pot, palette or stick formulation.  These need very little if any blending if you apply using a medium firm brush and are virtually undetectable once they’ve had a light patting of powder over them.

The colour and depth of your circles determines what colour concealer to buy.  If you have general dark circles from a few too many late nights or illness or similar and you don’t usually have really dark shadows under your eyes  you will be fine with a warmer toned concealer than your skin tone.  Yep – I did say a warmer tone.  Peachier tones in a concealer cover the average under eye circles beautifully.  Budget buy which I recommend is the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer from Boots.

Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

It’s £10, comes with a peachier shade for under eyes and a skin coloured shade for spots and red areas.  It even comes complete with a fine setting powder!  The only criticism I have with it is the packaging – if you are wanting something to take around with you during the day then I have to say you will need to spend more pennies.  I have broken tons of these concealers whilst hauling kit around and I’ve broken them when they’ve bounced on my bedroom laminate floor.  If you have more pennies to spend then you can’t go wrong with Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier concealer kits – they too come with a warmer shade for under eyes and a skin coloured shade for general blemishes.  All come in various shade selections so you should be able to match it to your skin shade reasonably easily.

Right – if you have what I call Industrial Depth under eye circles that are usually hereditary and are there all the time, then you will need some additional help to conceal the little blighters.  If you’re caucasion and your skintone is generally cool (if the veins on the inside of your wrists tend to be blue-ish) then you will need a seriously peach colour.  If the veins are a bit greener and therefore you have a wamer skintone then go for something pinker.  Deep Mediterranean/Asian skin tones need to go for a coral and richer African Carribean skin tones go for a red.   Now you are going to struggle to find concealers on the high street with the depth of colour I am talking about here.  However you can buy a matte lipstick in the appropriate shade and use that.  Don’t spend tons of money, a cheapy one say from MUA (Superdrug) or a high street standard such as Max Factor make fab matte lipsticks in a huge variety of shades.  Buy one as I’ve advised for your skin tone above as well as a cream/stick concealer that is the colour of the rest of your face.

Using a medium stiff brush apply the bright colour from the lipstick directly to the dark parts of the circle and the inner really dark corners of your eye only – don’t cover the whole of the under eye.  Don’t blend even though at this point it will look really scary and zombie like!  Then gently apply the skin shade of concealer over the whole of the under eye area to cover the brighter colour.  Et voila!  The magic is colour correction, you need to cancel out the dark abyss before you pop the regular shade over the top.  Don’t be tempted to use your fingers to blend except on the very lower outer edges of the concealer above your cheeks, otherwise you will blend it to nothing.

Finish by applying a small amount of pressed translucent powder over the area with a fluffy soft eyeshadow brush to set it and make the area the same texture as the rest of your face.  This should then last all day and not require any touch ups unless you are in a really humid/hot environment.  Always apply concealer after foundation and keep any foundation around the eye area to a minimum and let your concealer do the work.  Best of luck with covering and if you need any more help then please get in touch.

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