I have been asked several times to do a video foundation tutorial. I really dislike being on camera but I love teaching makeup skills so it was inevitable that I had to make some new videos.  My friend Jon Rosling is a fabulous director/film maker and he agreed to come to my makeup studio and make a couple of short tutorial videos for me.  His film company is Eye Films www.facebook.com/eyefilms I worked on his feature film Five Pillars a few years back.  Anyway he is very patient and fab to work with and he is used to my muppet like personality!

I needed someone to model for me – who was brave enough to appear on camera without any makeup on.  Up stepped my good friend Kerry Goding.  Kerry is a really busy business woman and mum to two boys.  We’ve been friends for a good few years now and she introduced me Younique makeup a while back.  To be honest (and she will admit this!) she pestered the crap out of me to try the range…she kept turning up to see me with new things for me to try.  I have to say I was reluctant at first but wow I am so glad she persisted!  I am obsessed with the Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation and I rave about it quite a bit on this video and their matching concealer is really good and you need the tiniest bit of product as it goes a long way.  Anyway, here is the link to the tutorial – please excuse my clown like facial expressions…I am a passionate person and I have a very rubbery face!  Hope you enjoy the tutorial, feedback would be appreciated.

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