I held a Party Looks Masterclass in the studio last night and was joined by 4 fabulous women who were keen to learn some new techniques to take their look to the next level .  They wanted to learn certain skills so when they were attending a special event they could confidently apply a bold, glamorous party look themselves.  I love these kinds of classes – regular, every day women getting together for a fun evening of playing with lots of lovely cosmetics and tools.  I showed them how to create a smokey eye using the fabulous Younique Palettes, apply false lashes, contour and create their own ombre lip.

Morag Before Makeup


Morag came along and she decided to take some selfies throughout the evening to log her progress of what she was doing so when she was at home she would remember the steps.  Turns out it was a fabulous documentary in pictures of the process of creating a bold makeup look.  When I do someone’s makeup I don’t sit them in front of a mirror.  Firstly, that’s because I can’t do makeup round corners!  Secondly doing makeup is a process….a process that sometimes has stages where it looks like it is going horribly wrong!  I have learnt over the years not to let a customer see what I am doing until I’ve finished…at the end of the day it’s just makeup and it can be changed on the off chance they are less than delighted when I’m finished.  There is nothing more frustrating as a makeup artist than someone critiquing you whilst you’re applying their makeup!  It can knock their confidence in your ability and it doesn’t do a huge amount for your own ego!



Anyway, I always warn people who attend a class that a great finished look in my opinion is about balance and a process.  When you’re doing dramatic eye makeup it is best to do that first before the rest of the face so you don’t have to worry about fallout from eye shadow spoiling your base for example.  Balance is brought by the selection of the right shade of blusher that compliments the eye makeup and likewise the lip colour.  It’s about little tricks like running a small amount of the same blusher colour above the crease of your eye on a smokey look to warm up the area and create a pleasing balanced look.  All the women agreed that at various stages in the evening they were scared by what they were looking at in the mirror – the eyes looked really scary at some stages, the skin very pale etc.  I reassured them the final looks would come together and that a great face of makeup is bigger than the sum of its parts.  All four were delighted with their end result…another successful and fun evening in the Lipstick & Rouge Studio!

Morag Looking Fab

The End Result

So I will leave you with the lovely Morag’s selfies charting her makeup progress throughout the night. If you’re interested in attending a similar event please visit the shop here to book or contact me with your request.

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