As a makeup artist I discover new products and try new techniques daily, I never tire of developing my skills. I decided it was time to do a new smokey eyes film.   I asked my friend Charlotte (who is a very talented local singer songwriter as well as being a beautiful person inside and out)if she would mind modelling for me again.  She agreed and Jon Rosling from Eye Films was happy to come to the makeup studio to film the shenanigans.

I have used the Younique eye shadow palette Number 1 in the video as I recently discovered these eye shadows and cannot stop talking about them.  They are so soft they need hardly any blending and they are so pigmented you need the tiniest amount to create a beautiful look.  There are 3 palettes and they all have 7 shadows in them – three matte, four shimmer.  Number 1 is a blend of neutral warm shades that suit anyone but look amazing on blue and blue grey eyes.  Number 2 is a blend of neutral cooler shades and really look great on cooler toned blondes or anyone with cooler skin tones and dark eyes.  The third one is a collection of purples and pinks that look incredible on green and hazel eyes.  At £38 pounds per palette I think they are bloody brilliant and I highly recommend you check them out.

I love a soft smokey eye, I’m not a fan of harsh cut creases and flicked eyeliner with a smokey eye.  I am a bit of a purist and stick to softly smoking the shadows from darkest around the lashline to gently fading out above and below the eye.  And as I point out on the tutorial the rule of smokey eyes as far as I am concerned is whatever you use/do on your top lid you should also do below your eye.  Anyway enjoy the video and I welcome feedback!

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