Prom season is starting to rumble into life, I’ve had a couple of bookings from Prom Princesses through this week for May/June time.  I’m not sure when Proms became a thing in the UK, when I was growing up there was no such thing as a prom.  We had school discos which as I remember were painfully uncool things to attend, full of spotty awkward teenagers who would rather be hanging round on street corners drinking Old English cider.  I was one of them.  A glamorous grown up Prom must be loads more fun!  Anyway, proms are huge news now in the UK and the girls really get excited about them.  I’ve seen Pinterest boards with ideas for looks, Facebook groups where girls share pictures of their dresses so no one else buys the same one, everyone goes to so much trouble.   It’s an opportunity to be princess for a night and I love helping girls get all glammed up for their Prom Night.

Prom Princess Mary, I loved her dress and hair.

Prom Princess Mary, I loved her dress and hair.

Prom Princesses Skin & Makeup Tips

It’s not just about picking the perfect dress, shoes, bag and jewellery.  Oh no!  It’s about a whole look from top to toe and that of course includes all the beauty side.  Preparing for a prom usually means girls go over the top worrying about spots and how they will be covered….so they buy all sorts of harsh skin products.  I really advise against this – covering up spots is far easier than covering up dry patches which is often the result of using lots of harsh spot products.  Oily patches can be controlled by primers and a finishing powder.  When it comes to your makeup please remember to get a flawless base that lasts all night use a buffing brush to apply foundation and go easy on the foundation!  Use a good quality concealer to cover any blemishes up, if you are expecting a foundation to cover spots and blemishes you are expecting too much or will need to apply far too much.  Less foundation, more concealer is the key.  A little bit of powder on your forehead, nose and chin will set everything in place and get rid of shine that doesn’t look flattering on photos.  The only thing you should have to top up is your lip gloss.

Prom Princess Spray Tan Tips

If you want a spray tan then make sure you get it at least a day before so it has chance to settle a bit, they usually look better after 2 days when the second developer ingredient kicks in.  Make sure you use lots of body lotion to keep the tan looking gorgeous, dry skin means the tan won’t last as well and silky skin is far nicer.

I LOVED Molly's dress that matched her hair.

I LOVED Molly’s dress that matched her hair.

Prom Princess Nails

I always recommend UV Gel nail polish on natural nails for proms as it lasts much longer than a normal nail lacquer but make sure you get it professionally removed.  If you peel gel from a natural nail it will take layers of your nail with it.  If you prefer long talons for the evening then go to a reputable acrylic nail shop, there are tons around.  You can go crazy with nail art and gems too for a fabulous prom look, it’s amazing how many different looks a nail pro can create these days!

Prom Princess Worthy Hair Tips

If you wanting your hair curled or put up then don’t wash it on the actual day of the prom.  Hair can be too fluffy and slippy when very clean and it can become a stylist’s nightmare.  It’s better to wash it the night before and don’t worry about greasy roots, there is always dry shampoo on hand!

Sarah loves rocking a vintage look.

Sarah loves rocking a vintage look.

Prom Princess Brows & Lashes

Get any brow shaping and tinting done at least 24 hours before so any redness will settle down, if you’ve never had your brows tinted before and fancy it doing then please make sure you go to somewhere reputable and have a patch test before letting them tint them. A patch test should be done behind your ear so it’s near to your face and is a true test of whether you will react to it or not.  Reactions are rare (I’ve never had a customer have an allergic reaction- touch wood!) but when they do occur they can be pretty horrendous so better safe than sorry.  Actually the same goes for lash glue.  If you are applying strip lashes yourself test the glue out 24 hours before, if you are going to have some lashes professionally applied get patch tested too!  Lots of people do find they can’t get on with certain types of glue.

Definitely a contender for Disney Prom Princess!

Definitely a contender for Disney Prom Princess!

I Can Help!

I offer mobile services in South Yorkshire for proms and of course I can doll you up in my Lipstick & Rouge Studio in Sheffield.  I offer makeup, hair styling, UV Gel nails, brow shaping and tinting, party lash and strip lash applications so basically I’ve pretty much got all areas covered.  If you want any more free advice or have questions about your prom please comment or get in touch direct.

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