Anyone who knows me will confirm I am camera shy, I am much happier behind the scenes than in front of a lens.  The look I am asked to demonstrate the most is a simple smokey eyes technique.  So a couple of years ago a good friend and video maestro, Keith Radley offered to help me make a video.  I agreed…providing the camera pointed at the model and not at me!  So I drafted in the help of a beautiful local singer songwriter, Charlotte Northfield. Charlotte has been a customer of mine for a few years and she has done some modelling for me before.  She’s gorgeous and a really nice person and a total pleasure to work with.  So we set up in my attic and made a short video where I demonstrate the simplest way to do a smokey eye.

I am very Yorkshire and it was suggested that perhaps we needed to add subtitles to assist in understanding my strong accent….I kind of think the way that Keith presented the wording and products helped to fill in any gaps my dulcet tones didn’t get across well.

I hope that you enjoy the video.  It’s a couple of years old now but I think it still stands up as a straight forward, easy tutorial to follow and watch.  I am probably going to do some more now the studio is open and I have a nice space to work in daily.  As long as I can stay behind the camera as much as possible I am happy to share my skills and experience to help anyone learn some new skills.  Makeup is fun and I feel that there are lots of very flashy tutorials on YouTube.  Mine is very down to earth and straight forward.  If you would like me to make some more then please get in touch and tell me what you would like to see!

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