Prom Season 2016 is about to kick off and there are some strong trends in dress styles, hair and makeup this year. Pinterest is full of boards and is a great hunting ground for ideas.  My advice for prom centres around choosing a dress, hair style and makeup that make you feel gorgeous but isn’t too far away from your usual style.  You will feel beautiful if you feel comfortable. If you are usually a casual person then picking a really formal dark dress and having your hair pinned up tightly and lots of makeup is going to make you feel really self-conscious!

2016 Prom Dress Trends

Love this.

Another two piece dress following the trend.

Elegant two piece dress and hair.

Elegant two piece trend dress and hair.

So pretty!

Pretty on trend blue two piece.

You are best to pick a dress first then build your makeup and hair style around the dress rather than the other way round.  The UK prom dress style tends to be less showy, big and puffy than our friends across the pond who started the whole prom thang.  Us Brits tend to favour narrow silhouettes and don’t like to show too much skin, we certainly favour sleeves more than our US cousins too! A fresh twist on the dress this year comes from the last 12 months red carpet trend where a few’ two piece’ gowns appeared.  A two piece doesn’t necessarily have to show too much skin or be sexy ala Ms Hudson’s.  A two piece can look unexpectedly pretty and modern! Remember when choosing a dress to check you can sit down in it comfortably too.

Another Hudson Red Carpet two piece

Another Hudson Red Carpet two piece, Kate definitely started a trend right there on those red carpets.

Kate Hudson's seriously sexy two piece.

Kate Hudson’s seriously sexy two piece that spawned the trend!

2016 Prom Hair Trends

Taylor is the Queen of lob plus accessory.

Taylor is the Queen of THE trendy lob plus accessory.

How you have your hair styled depends of course on length of your own hair and the neckline of your dress should be taken into consideration too.  Sweetheart or V necked dresses look really nice if you have long hair and wear it half up half down so your hair falls to your shoulders.  If your dress is higher necked or round necked then an updo can look really elegant.  If your dress is vintage looking it’s nice to have a hairstyle that reflects that too like I did for Sarah who is really into vintage looks. The vintage look never goes out of style to be fair, Old Hollywood will always be on trend.

Sarah chose a vintage look for her prom.

Sarah chose a vintage look for her prom.

She chose to have her hair and makeup in a vintage style that echoed her dress really nicely.   Short hair can look equally as chic as long!  If your dress is quite modern it can look very edgy and cool if your hair is slicked back off your face like Emma Watson does quite often.

Lob with braid.

Lob with braid trend.

The IT style of the moment the “lob” or long bob can be styled in many ways – waved, straightened, hair slides can be added to give some extra interest.  I can’t mention hair trends without BRAIDS which have been huge over the past couple of years.  Girls with long mermaid locks can look really cool with a side fishtail braid and girls with shorter hair can have one side of their hair braided to have that offset, edgy look.  Keep to something that is simple and not too far away from what you would normally rock so you feel comfortable.

Shailene's fab short hair with braided side.

Shailene’s fab short hair with braided side.

Emma showing that short hair can look oh so chic!

Emma showing that short hair can look oh so chic!

Pretty half up and down with braid.

Pretty half up and down with braid.

Sophie keeping it soft and loose at the 2016 Oscars

Sophie keeping it soft and loose at the 2016 Oscars

Lupita Nyongo rocking a peach matte lip and a strong blue liner.

Lupita Nyongo rocking the trend of a peach matte lip and a strong blue liner.

2016 Prom Makeup Trends

This is the year of the flawless dewy skin, minimal eye makeup and a statement lip.  Although a lot of girls will opt for the classic smokey eyes and nude lip combination too and that’s a gorgeous look, the statement lip look is creeping in and making a stand this year.  Nothing looks more glam than a red lip and a darker, berry shade can look really gorgeous for prom too.  I did a trial recently for a prom where the girl really wanted to echo catwalk trends she’d seen with glossy lids and a matte red lip and it was a really nice change to be asked to do something so on trend for a prom.

Glossy eyes red lip trend

Glossy eyes red lip trend

A flash of blue liner on the top lid is showing to be popular this year so far too thanks to stars such as Lupita rocking a colourful look on red carpets this past year or two.

Smokey eyes/nude lip and then statement lip and dewy skin. Selena doing it all!

Statement lip and dewy skin versus smokey eye and nude lip.  Selena doing all the prom trends!

As far as I am concerned I’m not a fan of the huge false lashes unless you are going for a particularly vintage look.  I much prefer to apply individual lashes if some extra flutter is required, this looks much more natural and pretty.  I’m not into heavy foundation or contouring either, I love a flawless finish but one where you can actually still see skin!  Stalk Instagram to see makeup artist legends like Pat McGrath, Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury for some gorgeous ideas and their YouTube channels have some great demonstrations of looks that are really wearable.

If you want to see more Prom photos and feedback about my Prom makeup and hair work click here.  If you liked this post and would like more prom posts then drop me a comment below please xxx

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